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What associations do modern people have when they hear such words as "Money"? Coins? Notes? Bank? Safe?

Every day, leaving home, we think, "How much cash do I have in my wallet?" We got accustomed that when making purchases we need to count off the necessary sum of money and then hand it over to a seller. It is a routine, it is a habitual procedure and it is normal!

But it is a stereotype, and, moreover, it is outdated! Modern money is no longer a "coin" and it is not what crunches (or rustles) nicely in our pockets. It is a small piece of plastic as big as a palm with an attractive golden plane attached to it. It is a smart card (which means a clever card), and the "golden" plane is a built-in microprocessor, which is capable of containing a huge amount of information (much more than a purse could have inside it). It’s time to change stereotypes.

We say "money" – we mean the card. We say "card" – we mean money!

Smart cards can be different. Their capabilities and, consequently, the spheres of their application are determined by the memory capacity, the principle of memory organization and, what is more importantly, the degree of system protection against unauthorized access.

Automated systems for cashless payments at filling stations, which were created on the smart card basis, immediately won the reputation as being reliable and easy to use. Today, in the former USSR countries, Petrol Plus is the most widespread system that operates in more than 150 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. The system is currently used at more than 1,000 filling stations, and the total number of smart cards surpassed the number of 500,000 units.
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NEFTEK FUEL CARD is a modern system allowing to effect payments for gasoline and diesel fuel at filling stations of Neftek Company and those ones of partners.

NEFTEK FUEL CARD represents the following advantages:
1. Convenience and simplicity while obtaining fuel by means of the fuel card.

2. Convenient system of fuel consumption reports.

3. Convenient system for accounting the expediency of fuel consumption.
4. High-level protection against unauthorized fuel use.

5. All possible options for fuel storage in the card.
6. Progressive system of discounts and bonuses.

Smart card is a plastic card with memory. The card memory can store information related to accounts, daily and monthly limits and it allows restricting unauthorized access to the card. Smart cards are the bearers of all the information about your account state, which can significantly reduce the duration of servicing.

The mechanism of the smart card acquisition is very simple. We will issue you an invoice for advance payment for fuel and you will get a card. While issuing cards, daily or monthly limit is set, and it is you who should choose the size of such limits. These limits make it possible to restrict money expenditure and fuel consumption per day (per month) and you can save your money if you lose the card. Also, if you wish, when issuing a smart card we can set a personal PIN-code, which will protect you against the unauthorized use of your money.

During each filling process the gas station operator is obliged to issue you a cheque showing the following information: the date and time of filling; gas station number where you vehicle has been filled; card number; cash balance, fuel type and its quantity, discount value. Using this cheque, you can always control the cash balance and the remaining fuel in the card. At the end of the month we will provide an expenditure invoice for the amount of fuel chosen by you and turnover in the cards. Using the electronic card, you will receive the following benefits:
- convenience when you fill your vehicle;
- automated control and money expenditure accounting;
- high level of protection for your money;
- simplified monthly accounting statements.

In order to receive the electronic card, you should contact the Sales Department. If you agree with the cooperation conditions, you will be offered to conclude an agreement. Competent managers will help and answer all your questions. If you are a legal entity, you are required to have a copy of the Taxpayer Certificate in order to be registered in the database. A deposit of 99 UAH will be paid for the electronic card. Upon agreement termination you will return us the card, which should be in working condition, and we, in our turn, will give your deposit back to you. Sales Department contact phones: 8 (056) 7700152, 7700167.

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