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ORLEN Lietuva in Ukraine

According to the decision of the main shareholder of JSC "Mažeikių Nafta" the company has been renamed to ORLEN Lietuva (ORLEN Lietuva) since. September 1, 2009 .

"ORLEN Lietuva" has the most modern of ever built in the former Soviet Union oil refinery, manufacturer whose production capabilities enable to provide the customers with the highest quality petroleum products (Euro 5). Mazeikiai refinery production meets the highest quality standards and thus is well known in many countries. The company is not satisfied with now reached levels of quality and constantly improving the production of petroleum products in order to be ready for the demands of tomorrow. "ORLEN Lietuva" is providing the modernization of its oil production, which will let manufacture all the products according to the introducing by the European Union in the years ahead even more stringent requirements to the quality of petroleum products.

For "ORLEN Lietuva" industrial and environmental activities are integrated. Being aware of its responsibility to conserve the environment, the company pays special attention to the environmental security of all business units - Mazeikiai refinery, marine terminal and pipeline system Butinge. Mazeikiai oil refinery with a projective capacity of 15 million tons per year is located in the north-west of Lithuania near (90 km) offshore terminal Butinge, Klaipeda and Ventspils.

The first processing complex of the plant was put into effect in 1980. Mazeikiai refinery is a constantly improving and modernizing oil refinery of European standards, producing high quality products. Today the company has 3,500 highly qualified employees. People are the main value "ORLEN Lietuva" because they provide the company’s activity and determine its success.

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