Wholesale deliveries of fuel

Nowadays, Neftek Oil Company is not just a network of 17 filling stations in Dnipropetrovsk region. The assets of Company include an up-to-date tank farm and its own fleet of gas-tank trucks, which guarantees the delivery of high-quality fuel and eliminates the possibility of damage to the products caused by storage and transportation.

Tank farm employees have all grounds to believe that it is the Company’s heart. It is the very place where 5000 t of high-quality fuel are stored. Having its own approach railroads, the Company can deliver fuel directly from European refineries.

For fuel quality control and accuracy of service new electronic equipment was installed in the tank farm: scales for railway and motor transportation means, and an automatic filling station.

Its own fleet of gas-tank trucks with different capacities (from 2,200 liters to 17,530 liters) makes it possible to deliver fuel to small-scale wholesale customers over the entire territory of Ukraine.

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