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Neftek’s retail network convenience stores "Stop & Shop" is primarily a convenient place for "fast" purchases.

On the way home or to work, going on a picnic or in the labor turmoil, every driver from time to time has a need for "operational" purchases without queues or long searches. Therefore, forming the range of our stores, we always think about the needs of both drivers and passengers during the journey: drinks and snacks, hot coffee and croissants, recharge cards and personal care products, automotive chemicals, and automobile products are the necessary " trifles. " which you can find here.

We do our best so that you will always be surrounded by the familiar atmosphere of comfort and you can easily find the necessary goods.

For regular customers of Neftek’s stations network there has been a rule for several years:

everyone who fills the tank with 40 liters of fuel, shall be entitled to a discount of 5% in convenience store!

A card for one-time discount is given by the operator (it acts in the presence of a check for fuel).

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