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Company’s Mission

  • The priority of the Company is to satisfy and to create needs of Ukrainian car owners for high-quality grades of gasoline from Europe’s leading manufacturers as well as to provide favorable conditions of cooperation to partners and customers of the Company. We build our relationships with partners on ethics, mutual understanding and trust.
  • Neftek Company is a representative of the producer and a conductor of its strategy, whose basic aim is to deliver a high-quality producer’s product to end consumers through its own network of filling stations.
  • Mission of Neftek Company is to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of the business in order to strengthen the Company’s competitive advantages.

The main objective of the Company

  • The objective of Neftek Company is to be a leader in each business direction, to strive to outpace its competitors in order to ensure a high level of standards of cooperation with trade partners.
  • Our main objective is to provide the highest quality product and to ensure impeccable service.

We are actively going to achieve the objectives set through the following:
1. Investments into the Company development and improvement.
2. Investments into brand promotion.
3. Investments into improving the professionalism of the Company’s employees.
4. We have clearly defined strategic goals and tasks.
5. We form a close-knit, unified, monolithic team.


  • Keeping its specialization unchanged since the moment of the Company establishment, Neftek firm accumulated a huge professional experience related to petroleum product sales and it is now ready to enter markets that are new to it in order to have a successful business.
  • The Company conducts an active marketing policy, which is developed and implemented in close collaboration with manufacturers.
  • We use all currently existing methods of product promotion, actively involving all our human and financial resources as well as maintain active cooperation with companies specializing in trade marketing sphere.


  • In order to achieve strategic objectives our Company is committed to high-quality work in all fields of activities at every organizational level.
  • All subdivisions of our Company are guided by a clear strategy and strive for perfection.
  • Improvement in all Company’s subdivisions is achieved through a clear personnel policy, constant upgrading of motivation schemes, increasing the standards of all working processes, as well as through investments into training and professional development of staff with the help of modern technologies for development.
  • Our managers are those specialists that have a high potential of management activities, they are also leaders, consultants, analysts, and professional communicators.
  • Our Company uses a streamlined structure of delegation, which includes the distribution of tasks to managers and providing them with all means necessary for such work fulfillment. This process begins at the top of the Company. Delegation gives better results, improves initiative-related qualities of employees as well as their qualification and strengthens motivation, because new orders satisfy considerable psychological needs of our managers. For more effective delegation of authorities we adhere to the clear and understandable policy of instructions provision.


  • Financial assets for a full-fledged product turnover and availability of adequate stocks in warehouses.
  • Powerful "portfolio" consisting of the carefully selected competitive brands.
  • Professional, constantly trained team, created from the best experts, who constantly develop and produce competitive advantages.
  • The most complete, serviced customer base that has been created throughout the entire history of the Company
  • Relationships with clients built on mutual understanding and partnership.
  • Well-established logistic schemes that allow all subdivisions of the Company to work in the same rhythm and space.

Our goals and tasks

  • To promote the improvement of the quality level of services and to provide the consumers with the best products available on the market, thereby increasing sales volume of promoted products using the advanced technology of interaction with all manufacturers.
  • To reduce costs by improving the quality of work in all subdivisions, thereby improving profitability and competitiveness of the Company.
  • To use the active financial and strategic management.
  • To strive for better interaction between all departments, to reach new, more effective levels of strategic development, to operate as one monolithic entity.
  • To introduce new, more flexible and unified patterns for cooperation with business partners.

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